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June 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've probably had at least 7 things I've thought about in the past few months that I wanted to blog. In all honesty it's probably for the better that most of my half formed thoughts never made it to written word. 

Life has been really full lately. Weddings, threenagers, vacations, dance recitals, did I mention threenagers [our word for our newly extremely dramatic three year old. Moodswings galore]? I can always looks back at my past photos and know when life was busiest because I have so many less "real photos" from my real camera. I can't say the same for my instagram account, and for that I have no apology! I see so many posts and buzzwhatever articles about social media, instagram, etc. How you aren't living in the moment while you're taking photos to gram... To that I say what to the ever. I am SO incredibly thankful for my instagram account. I can look back on years past are really remember the moments. The feeling of moments. The way I felt in a moment. If you follow me, you know I post A. LOT. I try to make a book of my photos once a year to have them in print. I'm thankful for the way it takes me straight back to that time. But for the real photos I do have, I've noticed my "noticing" being different. I think in a big way because of social media. I notice a ray of light as it hits my table. Or the way...okay, it's mainly all about light. But, here are some photos from during my silence the past few months including light, lots of #livventures [my hashtag for all things liv], and a vacation in a cabin with my family from Texas. And mother's day. Golly I'm behind. 




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