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love letter to our friends// personal post// knoxville photographer

July 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Lately I've been thinking on how good our people are to us. And how lucky we are to have them. Here's a love letter to YOU, our friends and community. 

Hey friends,

I know it's not the easiest to be friends with us right now. Between working around ever changing naptime schedules and fussy children, you never gave up on us. You invite us to do things. You don't cross us off your list instantly just because of our ball and chain (who we love endlessly of course). You see us outside of our parental identities. 

Thanks for sitting with us through dinners where we can only half listen...and inevitably Chester and I take turns being present at the table and walking around picking up rocks with someone who just eats them repeatedly. You are worth being fully listened to and pursued in friendship. Thanks for settling with what we can give and then meeting with us after bedtime or as the sun rises.

Thanks for coming over to our house after 8 pm and bringing wine and chocolate. And MARGS. But mostly chocolate. ;)

Thanks for running errands with me and then chasing after a wayward child who won't stay in the shopping cart. And still trying to have conversation.  

Thanks for investing in my kids and making them feel loved. For listening to the thing that they want to tell you so bad and then can't remember later. For playing barbies with them and throwing balls.

Thanks for caring what's going on with us. For asking. For calling and texting. 

Thanks for keeping us up to date with what's cool. And teaching us about snapchat. And all the other things. 

Thanks for being our family here and emergency contacts for our kids since we don't have any. (in TN)

Thanks for letting us mess up in life and raising kids. And still saying we are doing a good job.

Thanks for automatically liking all of my many instagrams of my kids. There are many. I'm aware.

Thanks for being our people, friends. People we can count and be counted on for. We have been blessed beyond measure in our friendship with you. And we are forever grateful. 

We love you!




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